• 1994

    Establishment of ALUCOLOR and commissioning of the powder coating plant

  • 1995

    Certification by GSB International (Gütegemeinschaft Stückbeschichtung von Bauteilen e.V.), and as such holder of the GSB quality seal

  • 1996

    Construction and commissioning of the Anodising plant

  • 1997

    Begin of vocational training in three technical fields

  • 1999

    Eric Müller joins the company as an additional shareholder and managing director

  • 2001

    Certification by GAA (Gütegemeinschaft anodisiertes Aluminium e.V. - today the VOA, Verband für die Oberflächenveredelung von Aluminium e.V.), thus holder of the EURAS quality seal QUALANOD

  • 2003

    Extensive expansion of the powder coating plant, commissioning of an additional coating booth

  • 2004

    Anniversary: Company's 10th birthday

  • 2005

    Establishment of ALUMITEC e.K. as an independent company for mechanical processing

  • 2006

    Creation of a further apprenticeship place: Industrial clerk

  • 2007

    Modernisation of the ANODISING plant, including commissioning of an automated temperature monitoring system for quality assurance purposes

  • 2008

    Commissioning of a modern, template-free copy mill cutter with 3 axial control

  • 2011

    Award of the quality seal "Master Coater" by GSB International; award of the additional quality seal "SeaProofPlus" of GSB International

  • 2012

    New design of the office block with a powder coated aluminium facade and acquisition of the Saxon commercial energy pass

  • 2014

    Commissioning of two micro gas turbines to generated electricity and process heat

  • 2016

    Eric Müller and Tom-Henri Müller take over the reins of the company; Andy Heinritz appointed as an additional managing director

  • 2017

    Conversion of the powder coating processes to chrome-free pre-treatment (multi-metal passivation) in line with REACH (EU 348/2013)

  • 2017

    Certification in accordance with the "QUALICOAT" quality seal

  • 2018

    Investment in our own 1000kVA transformer as well as building work started on a logistics and warehousing facility

  • 2019

    Launch of the new ALUCOLOR website

  • 2019

    Anniversary: Company celebrates its 25th birthday

  • 2019

    Commissioning of a new logistics hall and a further cooling plant, renovation of access and driving areas as well as expansion of the storage and parking areas

  • 2020

    Recognition as a practice partner of the State University of Cooperative Education Glauchau