Powder Coating

Durable, elastic surfaces with a virtually unlimited range of colours

Powder coating is the electrostatic application and later burning in/integration of a powder coat onto an aluminium surface. A virtually unlimited colour spectrum can be achieved, likewise different degrees of sheen, structures as well as metallic finishes. We follow the RAL colour scheme, and additional colours are available on request.


Facts and figures

Advantages+ expressive and diverse surfaces
+ high resistance to weather and chemicals
+ high mechanical strength
+ protection even in case of plastic deformation

Processing size7000 × 1800 × 400 mm
Maximum piece weight130 kg
Coating thicknessapprox. 60-120 µm
ColouringColour Systems
Quality standardaccording to GSB ALG631 and the QUALICOAT regulations
GSB International
In combination with further refinements

The pre-anodization of aluminum protects the material from filiform corrosion when used near the sea or in other environments with a high chloride content (C5, certified).

  • Production flow

    From fixing to the product carrier to packaging and shipping …

  • Technology

    good corrosion protection with mechanical resistance

  • Advices

    Important advices for powder coating