Production of a resistant high strength oxide layer

Anodizing is the production of a resistant, high strength oxide layer on the aluminium surface. This not only has a protective function but also provides a high quality and distinctive metal look. The surface can also be coloured by the embedding of colour pigments. This allows the aluminium to have a colour spectrum spanning silver, gold and bronze and even black. Mechanical pre-treatment can also be used to produce special effects , such as, for example, the „architectural bronze“ look.


facts and figures

Advantages+ fine easy-care surface
+ high weather resistance
+ hard and wear-resistant
+ finishing also on concealed component surfaces

Processing size7100 × 1900 × 500 mm
Maximum piece weight200 kg
Coating thickness5 - 25 µm, depending on application
ColouringC0 (natural), C31 - C35 (bronze-black) sowie EV2 - EV3 (gold)
Quality standardaccording to DIN 17611 and the Qualanod regulations
In combination with further refinements

the interaction of mechanical processing (e.g. grinding) and anodising strengthens the expressiveness of the metal surface.

  • Production flow

    From fixing to the product carrier to packaging and shipping …

  • Technology

    The electrolytic oxidation of aluminium

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    Important advices for anodizing