Quality Assurance and Environmental Awareness

One of the roles of our company is to extend the working life of aluminium. It is therefore hardly surprising that sustainability is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. Regular inspections by neutral testing centres and our certifications demonstrate the importance we attach to the environment in our work.

The technology of powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of coating as the complete process does not involve any solvent at all. Our water and powder driers are heated by innovative micro gas turbines that also generate electricity and provide heat – a highly efficient energy management system!

The overspray occurring during the coating process is recovered and returned to the powder coating process loop. We have closed water and material circuits, such as, for example, as found in our anodising plant , are a matter of course. The water quality is regularly inspected by our own laboratory as well as a neutral testing laboratory at Südsachsenwasser GmbH. This certifies that requirements are observed and remain below the stipulated maximum limits.

We invest sustainably in our environment and quality:

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