Production flow

  1. Fasten workpieces on product carriers to anode rods. This creates the contact points (remain visible as defects later)
  2. Pre-treatment degreasing: serves to clean the surfaces, especially those containing grease and oil as well as water-soluble, adhesion-reducing substances
  3. Pre-treatment pickling: the existing natural oxide layer is removed *
  4. Anodizing in immersion process (individual layer thickness by process parameters, such as process time, current intensity, temperature and acid concentration of the bath) *
  5. Optional: Dyeing bath (concentration determines later shade) *
  6. Compression in hot water closes the open oxide pores
  7. Drying, quality control and professional packing of the anodised parts

* to meet the high quality requirements, frequent rinsing processes are integrated in the above-mentioned procedure